Agean Salt from Naxos

Agean Salt from Naxos
28 February, 2018

Taste of Greece in the Palm of your Hands

✔ Experience the taste of the Aegean Sea
✔ Over 98 Nutrients and Minerals
✔ 100% Sea Salt. No preservatives or artificial chemicals
✔ Large and crisp flakes with a sweet after taste


Cycladi Sea Salt is still harvested manually, an ancient tradition going back hundreds of years. This means the salt can only be attained in small batches during certain weather conditions. 

Greece is one of the only places in the world to still have ancient natural salt pits. 

"An amazing addition to any dish. Love the large flakes and the sweet after taste."


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100% Natural

Unlike commercial sea salt, we do not use any chemical processing or whiteners to filter and refine the salt ensuring our salt contains all of its nutrients and structure.

Our salt is  100% pure and is delivered to you exactly how it came out of the ground.

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